Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Finding Serenity in a Post ISKCON Life.

   Many Hare Krishnas would question the possibility of finding serenity in a life after leaving ISKCON, but I'm here to say it's possible and can even more fulfilling than life under a microscope. Life outside of ISKCON isn't ruled by unrealistic expectations or demonizing  your own humanity but rather by embracing your faults and becoming comfortable with the uncertainties of life.
    I would ask any devotee who wishes to leave, at what point in their lives did they accept the superstitions in ISKCON as reality and do you really see those outside really suffering any more or less outside the consequences of their actions ? The idea that you will fall into some mystically induced misery for leaving has no basis in reality outside the realm of books and stories. Prabhupada had 10,000 disciples, now there are only a few hundred left, not to mention all those initiated by fallen gurus who have left. They didn't burst into flames or become cursed or the walking dead, they left and started their own lives, got jobs, pay their bills and raise their families.
   When I left I re-enlisted in the military after being out for 16 yrs, I held on to a token connection ISKCON for a while and then moved on with my life. One may ask what my grudge against ISKCON is, and the answer is I don't have one with the exception that they mislead people into joining by having two sets of doctrines. They have one for those outside the movement and another for those inside. I highly doubt any book distributor or college preacher has ever walked up to someone and told them, "we believe God is a giant boar who picked up the Earth when it fell the Ocean of Milk at the bottom of the universe with his tusk and placed in back in orbit while fighting off a blued eyed, blond haired demon". How many of you actually believed in an ocean of milk, giant talking snakes and at what point did you accept mythology as facts ? Was it before or after you joined ISKCON ?
   It takes effort to take your life back. Many devotees live in the fear of scrutiny, and in a constant state of paranoia induced by trying to live up to impossible standards that most of the leaders secretly break. How you find wholeness once again is up to you. But, many of you had productive and happy lives and many do again after leaving ISKCON. Life is series of choices, not a predestined sentence imposed by a flawed self proclaimed guru. Don't feel trapped, you're only trapped by your fear, which is ISKCON's most plentiful currency.
Update: I wrote this blog 5 years ago and I abandoned it blog to pursue  more positive endeavors in my personal life. I restarted this blog because I feel the message is still pertinent and it's been 20 years since Sulocana's murder on May 22, 1986. Very little has changed in ISKCON. It's still has the same problems as before: rampant pedophilia, an overwhelming sense of cognitive dissonance as well as many of the same corrupt officials who couldn't get an honest job to save their lives continue to rule their little serfdoms. Sulocana Dasa is no longer with us but his mission lives on, expose the corruption and protect the children. 

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